My research generally involves large datasets of stars, time domain astronomy, and stellar populations. Stars and stellar populations are the fundamental building-blocks of galaxies, and I enjoy the using large databases of these tracers to understand the history of our Galaxy.


  • I believe science is a practice. We should always be learning and changing our approach to reach the best outcomes.
  • I believe in “Human Centered Project & Mentorship Design
  • We should strive for, and broadly define, scholarship, creativity, and collaboration
  • “Perfect is the enemy of the good” -Voltaire

Practical Items:

  • People are the most important piece of our work and our group.
  • Discuss careers, strategy, and process openly and without judgement.
  • Have a website. A web presence is even better
  • Side-projects, wild ideas, “hacks”, creativity are strongly encouraged.
  • We should “publish” as much as possible.
  • Publishing is broadly defined.
  • We will all be involved in writing papers and grants.
  • We will celebrate and document our process, our failures, and our victories.
  • A placeholder GitHub group we can use for branding if we like.

See my CV or ADS link for my most recent work.

My projects all live on GitHub, and I welcome collaboration!