Petition for Support.

Update: We made it!

A cornerstone of the graduate education and experience offered by the Astronomy Department is the grad foosball table. Generations of grad students have gathered around for countless games, and in doing so forming bonds of friendship and rivalry that will last the ages.

After nearly 15 years of glorious play, our beloved table has started to show it’s age. Therefore we are reaching out to you for financial support. Help us replace the foosball table with one that will last another 15 years! Do it for the Qual studying stress relief, the w(h)ine time fueled match-ups, the afternoon frivolity… and most of all, do it for the next generation of grad students.

Our goal is to purchase a Tornado Tournament 3000.

Contributions of any amount will be graciously accepted, and your name added to a Donor Support page.

As an added incentive to support this grad student past time, we are offering exclusive naming rights to figures for any donors of $100 or more. You may pick any player, first come first served. Only 26 available! We will write names on the figures with permanent marker. Figures that are crossed out have already been reserved.

Many thanks to the current and former grad students, and the UW GPSS, for their support!