Research Products

  • From Davenport et al. 2014: the analytic M-dwarf flare model for Kepler data is coded up in IDL here.

  • From Davenport et al. 2014: The 10-dimensional stellar color locus, using ugrizJHK and WISE bands 1-3. Full machine readable tables are on GitHub.

  • From Davenport et al. 2012: Predicted flare colors in SDSS and 2MASS filters for M0-M6 stars. Inlcudes IDL code, and save file, and NUV to IR spectral templates are here.

Code Products

  • For the full-featured Python implementation of cubehelix, click here.

  • For the latest verison of my useful IDL routines, including contour_plus and cubehelix, click here.

  • For my IDL-based flare finding suite FBEYE, click here.